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Roach End Farm building by ScarramoochLiving in the Roaches area I started the Roaches website in 2006 because I found the delelict buildings and the stories around them fascinating.

Also having seen a Wallaby in about 1988 I thought it would be good to record any memories people had of them because in 2006 they were thought to have died out. It was very gratifying when this proved not to be the case.

I am not affiliated to any organisation and do this as a pass time, however if you contact me with a question I will do my best to answer it. webmaster

In the Roaches area there is a small historical society called Leekfrith Bygone Days. The Roaches are within Leekfrith parish. This society has a website which, in order to cut costs, is incorporated in the Roaches website under the local history tab in the main menu.

Any feedback on the website or any stories or material for the website will be much appreciated. webmaster

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