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is a historical society formed in Feb 2008 with the aim of researching the history of the Leekfrith parish and it's surrounding areas. Leekfrith parish is a few miles north of Leek Staffordshire and includes the Roaches, an area of outstanding beauty. The best way to see what we have done is via the Active Projects menu button.

Website updated 26 Nov 2016

Headlines- updated 26 November 2016

The diaries(comprising over 1 million words)of Roger Morrice who died 300 years ago have recently been found and republished. Roger Morrice had strong ties to Meerbrook. Such is the detail in the 1,500-page memoir by Roger Morrice, it has been compared to the diaries of Samuel Pepys. An article by Peter Dzik on the matter can be found here
There's an article on Morrice in the Daily Mail online here

Leekfrith Bygone Days is no longer active as a society but the website remains active.

A photograph of the Fountain Inn has been added to the Flooded dwellings page click

A school photo has been added with names and place of residence of the pupils has been added to the School project page. click

The result of a search of Lichfield records on the activities at Meerbrook Church has been added to the Church Documents page click

During the raising of the dam there was nearly a catastrophe! Technical paper by Staffordshire Potteries Water Board added. click

The entry in Whites Directory 1851 for Leekfrith has been added to the Achives page click

The reminises of John Clulow a pupil at Meerbrook School in the 1950s has been added to the Schools project page. The pranks are especially interesting and the teachers reaction - very different than today. click

A photo of Pupils exercising outside Meerbrook School on the roadway! has been added to the Schools Project Page click

Three school photos added, dates unknown, can you help in identifying who and when? click

The recollections of Norman Hyde, Meerbrook School Headmaster 1959-1967 have been added to the Schools project page. click

Message Board - leave a message, you may find a long lost relative.

Projects we have done with variable success are...
1. Wells and springs
2. Water Mills
3. Properties flooded by the reservoir

4. St Matthews church Meerbrook
5. Meerbrook Chapel
6. Lud Church
7. Meerbrook school