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Five Bennett's Wallabies were released from a private zoo at Roaches Hall in the late 1930's.
The zoo was owned by Courtney Brocklehurst who tragically lost his life in World War 2. These few bred and became as many as 50.
They have been seen by many people over the years. Have you seen them? If you have, tell your story by contacting the webmaster and I'll publish it on the Memories page.
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Three Yak and a Nilgai antelope were also released at the same time. I have not heard stories on the Nilgai. So anything you know about it would be great to know.


Again a single wallaby has been seen near Wetton Mill on July 31st 2009 by Kate Cooper and family. Here is the email sent to me on 8th August 2009

We're just back from a holiday staying at Wetton Mill, near Wetton.
The first evening (Friday, 31st July) we were out for a walk when my
15 year old son remarked in a rather bemused voice, 'look, there's a
baby kangaroo'. We looked... and there was a wallaby. It was about
100 yards away from us, on a grassy hillside below a wood. I'd heard
there were wallabies at the Roaches, but I gather they're fairly
rarely sighted now? And Wetton is a fair distance from the Roaches

I googled a bit, found your site, and thought you'd like to know.

Best wishes,
Kate Cooper

Single wallaby seen again near Lud Church on 29th March 2009 by Andy Burton of Sheffield.
Below are two of the photos Andy sent in. 

wallaby march 09 1  wallaby mar 09 2

This is the email Andy sent me.

29 March 2009,
Just got back from a weekend based at Gradbach youth hostel.Whilst on walk up to lud church spotted a wallaby in the heather not more than 10 yards away.So there is at least still one of the creatures still alive out there!

Best Regards Andy Burton (Sheffield)

The last sighting was 16 months earler in Nov 2007

Neil Caton sent me two photos of the wallaby. They are from an old camera phone so are not high quality

wallaby nov 07  wallaby nov 07

This is the e-mail I received from Neil Caton on Nov 25th 2007

Walking from Danebridge at 8am this morning, I came over the top past Hangingstone and came across a wallaby. it didn't move and allowed me to get within about 3 feet. It carried on down the path for about 100 yards.

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