This page has a number of audio recordings of residents of the Leekfrith area. Click the link to listen then the back button to return to this page.

Glenys Barlow - 1minute 20 seconds

Edna Goldstraw - This recording is about an hour long split into approximately 5 minute chunks.
Edna 1 - Memories of Thorncliff school
Enda 2 - Sunday school
Edna 3 - Butterfold and water supply to Upper Hulme
Edna 4 - Tattons Dye Works, days out and playing out.
Edna 5 - Getting into trouble, Courtney Brocklehurst
Edna 6 - Courtney's zoo, Yaks and Wallabies, Aircraft crashes
Edna 7 - The War and Americans, the bus service and the old road
Edna 8 - More about Buttyfold, Marriage.

David Bradbury - This recording by David(26 years old at the time)is reminiscences of his grandmother Mabel Collier. The recording is in 3 parts of about 6 mins each.

David 1
David 2
David 3

Here are some photos associated with the recordings...

outside school

Exercising outside Meerbrook school on the roadway!

Mabel and George Collier

Mabel and George Collier

Mabel on back of Motor bike

Mabel on the back of a Motor Bike