The diaries(comprising over 1 million words)of Roger Morrice who died 300 years ago have recently been found and republished. Roger Morrice had strong ties to Meerbrook. Such is the detail in the 1,500-page memoir by Roger Morrice, it has been compared to the diaries of Samuel Pepys. An article by Peter Dzik on the matter can be found here
There's an article on Morrice in the Daily Mail online here

This entry in WHITE'S HISTORY, GAZETTEER AND DIRECTORY OF STAFFORDSHIRE, 1851 describes interesting points about Leekfrith and its people from dates as early as 1594. Leekfrith in 1851 was much bigger than the parish of today. click here

Scanned copy of Meerbrook Church 1999 Flower festival pamphlet"Memories of Meerbrook". click here

Cuttings from the Leek Post and Times of photos from 1979

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An Indenture between John and James Nixon concerning the Fountain Inn. Original document provided by Karen Turner. Transcribed and summarised by Fred Bradshaw. Many thanks to Fred for taking on this difficult task. The file is a Word document in rich text format and should be universally readable and copiable.

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BURIAL RECORDS of St Matthews Church Meerbrook have been transcribed by Irene Kirkpatrick, Alan Weeks and Bob Foster. They cover 1815 - 1958 but there are many pages missing. These pages may be added over time. However there are still a large number of records which can now be accessed easily in spreadsheet format.

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