Adopted on the ……30th June 2008…………………………………………………..


1Adoption of the ConstitutionThe association and its property will be administered and managed in accordance with the provisions in Parts 1 and 2 of this constitution.

2 The Name

The association’s name is……Leekfrith - Bygone Days……………………….
(and in this document it is called the Association)

3 The Aims

The Association aims (the aims) are:

1. To research the local history of the Leekfrith area.
2. To visit places of interest in the local area
3. To restore or enhance any areas of history with prior agreement with the parish council
4. To provide an open invitation for other members of the community to join in
5. To look at the possibility of reinstating traditional festivals

Application of the Income and Property.

1. The income and property of the Association shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the Aims
2. None of the income or property of the Association may be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend bonus or otherwise by way of profit to any member of the Association.
3. No member of the Association may be paid or receive any other benefit for being a Member.
4. A Member must absent himself or herself from any discussions of the Members in which it is possible that a conflict will arise between his or her duty to act solely in the interests of the Association and take no part in the voting upon the matter.
5. In this Clause, “Member” shall include any person, firm or company connected with the Member


(1) If the members resolve to dissolve the Association the Members will remain in office as Association Members and be responsible for winding up the affairs of the Association in accordance with this clause.
(2) The Members must collect in all the assets of the Association and must pay or make provision for all the liabilities of the Association.
(3) The Members must apply any remaining property or money:
(a) directly for the Objects:
(b) by transfer to any Association or Associations for purposes the same as or similar to the Association.
(4) The members may pass a resolution before or at the same time as the resolution to dissolve the Association specifying the manner in which the Members are to apply the remaining property or assets of the Association.
(5) In no circumstances shall the net assets of the Association be paid to or distributed among the members of the Association.



(1) Membership is open to anyone
(2) (a) The Board of Members may only refuse an application for membership if, acting reasonably and properly, it considers it to be in the best interests of the Association to refuse the application.
(b) The Board of members must inform the applicant in writing of the reasons for the refusal within twenty-one days of the decision.
(c) The Board of Members must consider any written representations the applicant may make about the decision. The Board of member’s decision following any written representations must be notified to the applicant in writing but shall be final.
(3) Membership is not transferable to anyone else.
(4) The Board of Members must keep a register of names and addresses of the members which must made available to any members upon request.

Termination of Membership

Membership is terminated if:

(1) the member dies.
(2) the member resigns by written notice to the Association unless, after the resignation, there would be less than two members.
(3) the member is removed from the membership by a resolution of the Board of Members that it is in the best interest of the Association that his or her membership is terminated. A resolution to remove a member from membership may only be passed if:
(a) the member has been given at lest twenty-one days’ notice in writing of the meeting of the Board of Members which the resolution will be proposed and the reasons why it is to be proposed.
(b) the member or, at the option of the member, the member’s representative (who need not be a member of the Association) has been allowed to make representations to the meeting.

General Meetings

(1) The Association must hold a general meeting within twelve months of the date of the adoption of this constitution.
(2) An annual general meeting must be held in each subsequent year and not more than fifteen months may elapse between successive annual general meetings.
(3) All general meetings other than annual general meetings shall be called special general meetings.
(4) The Board of Members may call a special general meeting at any time.
(5) The Board of Members must call a special general meeting if requested to do so in writing by at least ten members of one tenth of the membership, which ever is the greater. The request must state the nature of the business that is to be discussed. If the Board of members fail to hold the meeting within twenty-eight days of the request the members may proceed to call a special general meeting but in doing so they must comply with the provisions of this constitution.


(1) The minimum period of notice required to hold any general meeting of the Association if fourteen clear days from the date on which the notice is deemed to have been given.
(2) A general meeting may be called by shorter notice, if it is so agreed by all the members entitled to attend and vote.
(3) The notice must specify the date, time and place of the meeting and the general nature of the business to be transacted. If the meeting is to be an annual general meeting the notice must say so.
(4) The notice must be given to all the members of the Board of Members.


(1) No business shall be transacted at any general meeting unless a quorum is present.
(2) A quorum is:· (4) members entitled to vote upon the business to be conducted at the meeting or· One tenth of the total membership at the time, whichever is the greater.


(1) General meetings shall be chaired by the person who has been elected as Chair by the Board of Members.

Officers and Board Members

(1) The Association and its property shall be managed and administered by a committee comprising the Officers and other members elected in accordance with this constitution.
(2) The Association shall have the following Officers;· A Chair· A Secretary· A Treasurer, whose responsibility it is report on the financial position of the Project

The Appointment of Board Members.

(3) The Association in the general meetings shall elect the Officers and the other Members of the Board


The Members of the Board must keep minutes of all:

(4) appointments of Officers and Board Members
(5) proceedings at meetings of the Association
(6) meetings of the Board members and committees of Members including:
· the names of the Board Members present at the meeting· the decisions made at the meeting; and· where appropriate the reasons for the decisions


Any notice required by this constitution to be given to or by any person must be;(a) in writing; or(b) given using electronic communications.
Notice may be given to a member either:(c) Personally; or(d) by sending it by post in a prepaid envelope addressed to the member at his or her address; or(e) by leaving at the address of the member; or (f) by giving it using electronic communications to the member’s address