The 'Schools in and around Leekfrith' Project

Teaching in the parish of Leekfrith.

In May 2012 we decided that the village school would be an interesting project as so many local families had been involved with it and would have interesting stories to tell.

Our research into documents started with the County Record Office at Stafford, parish magazines and the local newspaper but it soon became evident that we needed to look into the history of many types of teaching within the parish rather than simply the history of the building now known as the Old Village School.

There is evidence that money was left in the wills of local people for the teaching of the poor but we don't always know where this took place. Dame schools were known to have existed and we have evidence of one of them being at Turner's Pool Farm, where Miss Herod was the teacher.

The following three photos are school photos but we don't know the year, do you know? Can you name anyone in the photos? If you can please email the webmaster

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Top Row left to right
Elizabeth Hine - New Grange
Frank Belfield - Brownsett Farm
Therese Robinson - Pheasant's Clough
John Taylor - Newsett Farm
Derek Cooper - Rochside?
Geoff Goodwin - Alderlee
Mr Hyde

Bottom row left to right
Christine Holland - ? Garage
Mary Sheilds - Marsh Farm
Hilda Turnock - Gunside Farm
Julia Ferns - ?
Mary Clewlow - Broad lea Farm
Johney Bowers - Lodge Farm?

Below is a timeline of the history of teaching in the Leekfrith Area (which may be updated from time to time) and other documents of interest.

This timeline traces the much of the history of teaching in the Leekfrith area from 1616. click

Here is a page from Millers Olde Leeke vol II about teachers at Meerbrook

This drawing was found in an exercise book from a school run at Turner's Pool in 1861.

school drawing click for larger image.

School photo 1938-9

This school photo of the year 1938-9 was supplied by Don Robinson.

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Norman HydeOn 14/5/2010 Mr. Norman Hyde recalled his time as head teacher at Meerbrook village school.  He lived with his wife in the schoolhouse from 1956.

"The school house had electricity when we moved in but there was no mains water in the house at all. However there was pumped water.  Outside the back door of the house was a well but the house was joined to the school so we had to step outside and into the school cloakroom where there was a pump.  It was a round disk with a big handle. This water was used for washing and we had a long bath in front of the fire, but drinking water was brought in from my parents' house in Leek.  We would fetch it up in our Dormobile, which was bought soon after moving to Meerbrook......." for more click

These are the audio reminises of John Clulow who was a pupil at Meerbrook school from 1953. Each recording is about 5 minutes long.

1. Starting Scool click
2. Lessons and Jobs click
3. The Vicar, Concerts, Sports Day & Days out. click
4. 11 plus exam, Infant Teacher, Pranks click
5. The First TV click

Exercising ouside Meerbrook School on the Roadway!!
photo supplied by David Bradbury

Exercising on roadway outside Meerbrook school